DATUM® ICS increases offshore compression without expanding footprint

When space is at a premium, a small footprint and reduced weight can make a significant difference for onshore, fixed and floating offshore platforms. Such was the case for a Brazilian client operating in the Marlin oil field in the Campos Basin. They came to Dresser-Rand with a need for more compression, yet didn’t have the space for a conventional compressor. We answered their request with the DATUM® ICS compressor, a complete compression system that integrates proprietary separation technology and Dresser-Rand DATUM compressor technology together with process piping and coolers into a single-lift package.

The DATUM ICS contains the compressor, motor, separation system, and gas coolers all within the same process module, which means it can be installed as a single, compact unit. This serves as a significant advantage for subsea applications. Its totally enclosed configuration makes it easy to transport, install and retrieve from the ocean floor.

Key Advantages of the DATUM ICS:

  • 50% smaller and 50% lighter than conventional compressor solutions
  • Proprietary centrifugal separation technology
  • High-speed, close-coupled, gas-cooled motor
  • Magnetic bearing rotor system


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