DATUM® C compressor – a reliable, green solution for pipeline and process applications

Today, it’s pretty commonplace for transmission pipelines and stations to branch out into more heavily populated areas. We knew that it was important to find ways to balance the need for reliable gas transport with a surrounding community’s concerns over environmental issues like noise and emissions. The best way to do that: install a DATUM® compressor with an integrated, totally enclosed configuration. This hermetically-sealed, electric-motor driven DATUM C compressor offers a more compact footprint than conventional compressors with similar capabilities. This low-maintenance compressor ensures no on-site leakage from shaft seals, and eliminates the need to lubricate bearings or dispose of the oil. Most importantly, it releases no volatile organic compounds into the surrounding atmosphere.

Advantages include:

  • Emission-free design
  • Electric motor driven
  • Hermetically sealed system
  • Quiet operation with Dresser-Rand duct resonator arrays
  • Remains pressurized during shutdowns, reducing start-up time
  • Reduced footprint
  • Magnetic bearings that eliminate need for oil lubrication


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