At Dresser-Rand, we’re committed to delivering the highest value to clients. To accomplish this, we continually focus on making client input an integral part of the engineering process. From design, to production to testing, we collaborate closely with clients, working to create custom-tailored solutions that answer their most unique challenges. Here are some prime examples of the ways we evolved our DATUM® compressor technology to adapt to the needs of our clients.

  • Challenge: Create the most advanced centrifugal compressor in the industry.

    Solution: Based on input from clients around the world, Dresser-Rand set out to develop a compressor unit that could improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and improve cycle time—all in a scalable, quieter design. In 1995, we introduced the world’s first DATUM centrifugal compressor.

  • Challenge: Move large amounts of natural gas long distances at high speeds in extreme conditions.

    Solution: Whether it’s driving gas through a nearly 400 kilometer underwater pipeline for a project in the Middle East or moving over 150 million cubic meters of natural gas per day from eastern Siberia to Germany beneath the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea, our leading DATUM compression technology delivers. See how we rose to the challenge of two major oil and gas producers by creating a solution capable of reaching over 60,000 horsepower.

  • Challenge: Re-inject CO2-rich gas blend to very high pressure levels.

    Solution: Motivated by a request for a high-density gas compression and re-injection solution, our powerful DATUM compressor was the answer for a client’s floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. By delivering over 580 bar in a small footprint, this compact compressor achieved what is believed to be the industry’s highest pressure and density requirements.

  • Challenge: Achieve a high pressure ratio for a low-molecular-weight gas.

    Solution: We helped a major refinery meet demanding hydrogen compression requirements with a DATUM solution that consisted of two nine-stage compressors. The system achieved a remarkable 275,000 feet of head—an accomplishment that would likely require three of our competitors’ compressors.

  • Challenge: Create a reliable, green compressor solution for an urban natural gas pipeline.

    Solution: A major client’s pipeline was slated to run through populated urban centers, requiring them to implement a low-noise, low-emission operation. Our compact DATUM C compressor offered the perfect solution, with its hermetically-sealed frame and electric-powered engine.

  • Challenge: Increase offshore compression without expanding footprint.

    Solution: When an offshore production platform lacked space to fit a conventional compressor, we created the DATUM ICS, a motor-driven compression and separation system that was 50 percent smaller and lighter.