Inside the DATUM® Compressor

Designed for maximum performance, the DATUM® compressor family is built with the utmost attention to detail to ensure higher efficiency and easier maintenance.

  • Modular Bundle

    The DATUM modular bundle has horizontally split stationary carrier housings that enable the rotor-to-stator alignment to be verified with the rotor in its true axial position and with the thrust bearing fully assembled. This allows direct determination of correct rotor positioning in the axial direction, as well as measurement of the radial clearance between the rotor and all labyrinths at the impeller eye and shaft interstage locations.

    Because the bearing housings, journal bearings, and thrust bearing assemblies are horizontally split, the coupling does not have to be removed to replace a bearing assembly on the driven end of the machine, and the thrust disc does not have to be removed to replace a bearing on the free end of the machine.

    For larger frame sizes, the radial vibration probes are externally adjustable and removable, as are the axial position probes on non-thru drive units.

  • Impeller Design

    By focusing on the latest aerodynamic design and analysis technology, we were able to develop a whole new family of impellers and matched stationary flowpath components that improve compressor performance. To simulate a complete compressor stage, each of these designs was thoroughly tested in single- or multi-stage test rigs. Most of these new impeller designs are crafted from five-axis milled blade discs to ensure the sophisticated aeromechanical design that strong, high-performing impellers require.

  • EBraze Welding

    Created specifically for the DATUM product family, EBraze welding combines two proven methods — electron beam welding and vacuum furnace brazing—to create a weld joint with superior strength. To fuse the impeller cover and blades, an electron beam weld is directed through the cover and a braze alloy foil is applied to each blade. Fusion occurs across the complete cover-to-blade interface, creating an impeller with greater reliability, longer life and more accurate performance.

  • Synchrony® Magnetic Bearings

    In January 2012, Dresser-Rand acquired Synchrony, a technology development company with a portfolio of world-class technologies and products, including active magnetic bearings, high speed motors and generators and power electronics for clean, efficient and reliable rotating machinery. Now, Dresser-Rand is offering Synchrony oil-free solutions for high-speed rotating equipment applications.

    Through NovaGlide and the award winning Fusion® magnetic bearing solutions, Dresser-Rand offers compact, versatile Synchrony products that take rotational solutions to a new level, increasing the number of active magnetic bearing systems installed, in applications where magnetic bearings have not been considered before.

  • Seals

    Shaft seals, located between the bearing chambers and the gas stream, minimize gas leakage outward and prevent lubricating oil leakage into the gas stream. D-R offers a variety of seal assemblies to handle various compressor applications:

    • Labyrinth seals
    • Contact seals
    • Dry gas seals
    • Oil film seals
    • Tilt pad seals

    With more than 1,000 dry gas seals produced to date, we are an experienced manufacturer of dry gas seals with a proven proprietary design that maximizes reliability under all operating conditions. Our gas seal service and test facilities in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Houston, Texas and Le Havre, France, stand ready to provide full support.

  • Frame Sizes and Specifications

    DATUM centrifugal compressors are available in 15 different sizes with discharge pressures ranging up to more than 15,000 psig (1000 bar), maximum flow rates from 5,400 cfm (9,200 m3/h) to 700,000 cfm (1,200,000 m3/h), and power ratings to more than 120,000 bhp (90 MW). Cases can be split axially (900 psig max.) or radially (15,000 psig max.) and are available in a variety of configurations and connection orientations.

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